Occupy Philadelphia

Occupy Philadelphia
1777 and 2011
Story by: John S. De Santo I

It is possible that we are currently living in what may be a pivotal turning point in the future of the United States and the world as we know it. In 2011 have the 99% finally realized that the American Dream has been stolen from the world? Workers have some of the worst health care in recent history. Students are urged to borrow and spend thousands to get a college degree only to find the jobs do not exists when they graduate. The workforce is made up of many underemployed having to take lower paying jobs if they are lucky after being laid off. Many people living in a time where they will be in debt for the majority of their lives. Corporate greed and Political corruption, has the 1% stolen and destroyed our nation and the American Dream with their greed?

The past:

The Philadelphia Campaign

1777 – The British in Philadelphia

The Capitol then in Philadelphia Occupied by The British

On September 26, 1777 the British occupied Philadelphia. In anticipation of their arrival, many Patriots and businessman had abandoned the city. Further, Washington’s soldiers had looted Philadelphia, taking anything that might have been of use to the British.

Those citizens who remained were a mixture of Loyalists, Quakers, and the poor. Three fourths of the population was woman and children. Most looked forward to British rule — after all they had always considered themselves loyal English citizens. Moreover, they had long chafed under the excessive zeal of the Patriots who had been running the city.

British officers quartered in the finest houses, merchants from other towns started moving in, and a puppet government composed of naive Tories was established.

A City in Turmoil

But the city was in turmoil. Churches were turned into hospitals as wounded from the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown were tended to. The Walnut Street Gaol was filled with American Prisoners of War. Food, clothing, and firewood were scarce as an American blockade effectively kept supplies form the city.

The present:

2011 – 234 years later

Occupy Wall Street, Market Street and across the Nation as well as support around the world growing. At this point it is so hard to state what the list of demands should be because the list is so long, perhaps it has been growing for 234 years and we have finally become intolerant of taking what the 1% makes us think we want. Did we vote for high taxes, to be jobless, to live in debt? For laws to only be followed when it suits the 1%. Let’s ban together and show the 1% we are America and Corporate greed and Political Corruption has to be stopped.

Stop illegal activities!!

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals let them know you are part of the 99%. If they support the 1% then the 99% citizens need to vote them out.

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

Portions from USHistory.org

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Make Big Bucks – Selling Sex?

As almost anyone knows the USA has an astonishing number of unemployed and every week more people are losing jobs in huge numbers. From small companies to large, blue collar and white collar everyone is at risk for losing their job and the crime rate in the nation helps to prove it. Some statistics that have been released show that in one year 2.6 million more poor people are living in the USA. But there is one type of business where the owners make thousands of dollars a week allowing illegal acts to go on in their stores.
The adult industry in the USA is most likely one of the best industries to open a new business in, as long as you do not mind breaking many laws and most likely being an accomplice to many deaths whether you consider it to be direct or indirect. Across the nation there are pornography stores that are directed to adult clientele with theaters, peepshows and glory holes. These stores allow illegal sex to go on as long as you keep the money going into the booths or pay your flat fee at the door. If you can stand to have a store with holes that look like the picture in the walls or have people breaking your walls / doors down to get to the guy on the other side of the peep show door than you should open one of these stores in your neighborhood.
From working in one of these stores that is located on the “Corridor of Crime” (Passyunk Ave in SW Philadelphia) for ten years and doing research I have found that all you need to do is get an entertainment license, a store in a busy location and believe in your rights to act on the 1st amendment in the constitution. If you do this you can make this kind of money too.
These stores are open to the public anyone can walk into these stores, in the state of Pennsylvania you are supposed to be over 18 years of age but we all know how well that carding works in bars where you have to be over 21 years old someone always slips in. But once in the store the age really has nothing to do with it. These men come to these stores to have illegal anonymous sex with everyone and anyone that is there.

Glory Hole From Corridor of Crime

They do things in these stores that most of us would never imagine. You think your spouse may have been with one of the girls in the back room but no he is having sex with other men. Oral, anal, feces, showers, multiple people at the same time or spending over 24 hours in the store going from one guy to the next. It all happens here and more. The owners know this goes on and do nothing about it. It can go on right in front of them and all they will say is as long as the money keeps flowing let them do what they want it is their right. What the owner is really thinking is cha-ching money in my pocket. When you complain to the police they say they can do nothing about it, if you complain to L&I it is not what they are in charge of. I have even asked a person who was running in the last election in Philadelphia for city councilmen and he said “what’s wrong with it we have prostitutes too”.
What is wrong with this is a great question. If sex in public places is illegal than why do we allow this to go on in business’ that are open to the public? Why do licenses get approved for business’ that have this going on? Why do law officials do nothing to stop it? If businesses like these are allowed to break the laws than why shouldn’t everyone break the law no matter what it is. Do they get away with it because of corruption or are law officials afraid to stop it because then someone could prove that they are caught up in it to somewhere. It appears that our morals have fell so low in the USA that we will allow almost anything to happen and many decide that if others are doing it then it must be ok. Stop and think about what these store owners are doing; they are making money off of illegal sex acts in a public place. They are not just making a little money like the prostitute on the corner trying to feed her kids but are making thousands of dollars a week and not being stopped. At least the prostitute on the corner gets taken in to the station from time to time by the police. These store owners never have anything done. If these store owners can get away with this the prostitutes should be allowed to sell their bodies. The people who keep getting put in the news for pictures and texting about sex (sexting) should be left alone and formal public apologies given to them and get their jobs back. If it is right in one public place it should be right in all public places.
So if you are out of a job and your unemployment is about to run out, or if you are just looking for another way to make income, get your license and store front at your local mall or next to your local supermarket and open up your own adult theater or peepshow store. I personally think it is a disgusting way to make a living, but if more people apply for these license maybe one day it will make it onto a ballot to see if these stores should be allowed in our communities and country at all.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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Dirty Sex – Whatever Happened to Honesty?

As I think back on things that happened while I worked at one of the adult bookstores located on Passyunk Ave the “Corridor of Crime” in Philadelphia, I remember it was just over a year ago August of 2010. Many thing were going on and had been going on for quite some time at the store, the owner didn’t care as long as he was making money. Men would come in and have sex with the girls depending on the amount they paid would depend on how far the girls would let them go. Technically it was prostitution in a store open to the public. Who would have thought that you can be granted a license to open a business to let these things go on? The police and other law enforcement know this goes on yet they look the other way. If you look at the news they are some of the ones who frequent these stores and they are also the only ones that end up in the news about it. As if that is not bad enough if you didn’t have the money to pay one of the hired girls to let you abuse her body, all you needed was a few bucks and you could have sex with men in the peepshow area of the store. Many times the owner would say to me and other employees look the other way as long as they are putting money in the machine. Let them do what they want. I wonder how many of these men would go home and tell their wives, girlfriends and family… today I went to the book store and had unprotected sex. I spent our food money for the week on a girl that has sex with anything that walks in – or – I went to the peepshow and had anonymous sex with a few guys. Oral anal we did it all no condoms were used that takes the thrill out of it. Boy it was a delicious good time can’t wait to do that again.
I worked in this store for 10 years and I have questioned how long this has been going on and why do we continue to allow these stores to operate and never close them down. We treat them like this is a law abiding way to make money. Are the people in our local government offices involved somehow and that’s why laws are not enforced? Are your family, friends, and neighbors frequenting these stores? What would happen if you found out that your wife or daughter worked in one of these stores? What would you do if you found out your husband went there and had sex with anything he could male or female? I bet many would be surprised at who does go to these stores. It is not just who you would think but many prominent doctors, lawyers, clergy, and law officials. There was a running joke in the store I worked at because of an old commercial for a local news show, we had a local news van come in all of the time he liked it dirty and often one right after another multiple times a week.
As I write this I get more and more disgusted men coming and making a store owner rich and spreading all sorts of STD’s (sexually transmitted deceases). Taking these STDs and spreading them to their families even to their unborn children.
If a person knowingly has unprotected sex with another person and they know they have already been diagnosed with a STD should they be held accountable for their actions? If a children’s toy company can be held liable for a child choking on a toy or eating lead based paint shouldn’t a store owner also be held liable for allowing these acts to go on in their store, if someone contracts decease or dies from a deadly decease they contracted in their store?

Some Statisics:
Pennsylvania reported 38,217 AIDS cases to CDC, cumulatively, from the beginning of the epidemic through December 2008. Pennsylvania ranked 7th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases.

Why doesn’t law enforcement do anything about this? Are they afraid they will be the next ones in a public sex scandal headline?

If our morals have come down this far in our country then we need to change the laws. We need this on the ballot let the people decide if these stores should continue to make money off of sex. If it is legal there then we should also make it legal in cars, parks, men’s rooms and locker rooms. Make it legal for people to sell their bodies to be abused on street corners there really is no difference except in the stores the owner makes a lot of money off of illegal acts.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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Who Are The Guilty?

Is it you that is guilty?

Do you go out with friends and family in Center City Philadelphia? For a night on the town, dinner, maybe take in a show, or clubbing. Have you stopped to take notice of your surroundings? I went to dinner with friends to a trendy restaurant in Center City Philly it was a nice night and we didn’t want to wait any longer to be seated so we sat outside. The one couple I was with was traveling and had their 5 year old daughter with them. Boy she is amazing she is already learning to read and she started to read all the signs and store names around us. When she did not know the word she would let us know and we would help her figure them out. This made it so we were more aware of our surroundings than normal. As we sat there we noticed one store on the block it had a window display of adult oriented merchandise, videos, a mannequin wearing a harness, underwear, books, and assorted other merchandise. Across the street was another adult store – an adult cinema. These stores right there side by side with a computer store and restaurants. This started a conversation at our table. If you have read my past columns you know that I worked in an adult bookstore for 10 years and I do not think it is right what they get away with. Others at my table had never been in a bookstore until that night. We split up into groups and went into these stores, after all we did have a 5 year old with us and she was not going in. No one with my party had ever been in these stores including me. We went into the one that had the de – moralizing window display. The items in the front of the store were normal for an adult toy store. Then we went in the back room where there were peep shows. It appeared to be a busy night in the peep shows older men having sex with young guys. Some of my party was appalled to think that this went on; others felt it was not right but figured it must be legal if they were granted a license to run the store. While we were there the clerk screamed back to make sure there is money in the booths; looks like this type of behavior by a clerk is a standard for these stores. Some of the patrons in the store stopped what they were doing and put a few more bucks in the machines others were preoccupied if you know what I mean and ignored the clerk. I am sure the clerk knew exactly what was going on back there; all he said was more money.

So as we regrouped at our table in front of the restaurant finished our dessert and coffee some of the guys that had been in the bookstore walked out and past our tables. The wife of one of my friends said do you think he at least washed his face and hands before leaving? Think of the contamination that walked by us from this store. If they were there once having anonymous sex I am sure they were there before.

So I ask again who is guilty?

The clerk for doing what his boss tells him to do and just makes sure the money is flowing in the machines?

The store owner, for telling his clerk to let the illegal sex go on as long as the money is flowing ignore the rest?

The city zoning officials, who gave them a license to open the adult store and never make sure that these illegal acts do not go on. The same officials that put family oriented stores in the same row right next door to the stores that break the laws.

The police that should stop these Illegal acts and perhaps make sure that window displays are not so racy.

Large TV and newspaper companies who do nothing about this even after being told what is going on illegally in these stores. At least they could report it and help law abiding citizens know what is going on. As I have been told by these companies’ people do not want to hear about that, it is not news worthy.

Or is it you and me the patrons of the city who do nothing about what we see when laws are being broken?

We need to save our children and the innocent now. Make it so it is ok for a 5 year old to ask what is that in the window and you to be able to answer truthfully. Or what do they do in that store? Fight this demoralization of our country now! Do you know someone that frequents these stores advise them to get a blood test as soon as possible. Help them by finding a way for them to break this bad habit. We do not need our healthcare rising. We need law abiding citizens.

If you know of places that allow these acts to go on, contact your local and state officials and report it. Get groups together to stop this. Make sure people running for office know this is a major problem in our communities and country and we the citizens and voters want it stopped.

Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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We Were All Children Once

As children we all go through different adventures and take different paths to become who we are today. We dream of what we want to become. For many young boys the dreams are a Policeman, Fireman, Astronaut perhaps a Teacher, Politician, a member of the Clergy. For the men who go to the adult bookstores did they see dreams of becoming a sexual predator? Did they see something as a child that made them want to take this path? Perhaps they caught a parent or grandparent cheating with a neighbor. Maybe it was an elder in the community inappropriately groping themselves or another person in front of the child. Ok now speed time to make the child 18 years of age or older and wanting to act on these things. They go into an adult bookstore / peepshow or theater and here they can act on these feelings that they have. They can have sex with anyone that walks in and in front of anyone that walks in as long as they keep the money pumping into the machines. Who are the loser and winner in this scenario? The people going into the stores to have sex in the public: they are fulfilling a fantasy or perhaps it is now their reality having random sex with anonymous men passing and contracting diseases’ with each other and taking it back to their families. Yes many of these men have family’s wives and kids at home with a white picket fence in the suburbs. These stores make it easy for them to live out feelings and acts which would normally be considered homosexual yet if you ask them they are not gay, they are not even bisexual they believe that they are straight and that having sex with other men in these stores is normal and a given right. Is the loser or winner the store owner? I do not think so the law officials do nothing about these stores otherwise they would not be in business. Sex in businesses that are open to the public is a crime – yet it continues and the store owners make more money than most people do in their paychecks. Is the winner or loser the families of these men? The families who maybe contract deceases because it is brought home by their father and perhaps die from the decease. Or the families with kids that have started cutting school, taking drugs and worse yet are killing others. Could this have been stopped by having a father who spent time at home instead of in the illegal stores? Is the loser or winner the law officials and government agencies that collect taxes from the illegal funds made in these stores? Or the law officials / agency workers that collect paychecks from our hard earned tax dollars but they allow the illegal acts to go on? Perhaps the winners are the insurance companies and health care industry that get to make money from the deceases that would not be passed around nearly as rapid if these stores were closed down. Or is it the child that is now growing up in a beautiful neighborhood perhaps in your community that will soon be able to go to the local adult store and continue this behavior. If we do not stop this NOW, these stores will be in every neighborhood, from the city, the suburbs even rural and county side America. Just think it was not that long ago that It was harder to get pornography, now our kids have it in front of them every time they log onto a computer and into the internet. I believe that we are all the losers for allowing this to go on and not standing up for our rights. We pay our taxes in hopes of living in a first class nation that will not exist if we continue to pull our morals down. There was a slogan that was used during our last presidential election Joe – The Plumber. Soon Joe will not exist it will instead it be Sam the Sex addict.
We need to fight this now! Do you know someone that frequents these stores advise them to get a blood test as soon as possible. Help them by finding a way for them to break this bad habit. We do not need our healthcare rising. We need law abiding citizens.
If you know of places that allow these acts to go on, contact your local and state officials and report it. Get groups together to stop this. Make sure people running for office know this is a major problem in our communities and country and we the citizens and voters want it stopped.
Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and get this on the ballot in the commonwealth of Pa and in every state. Let the people decide if this is what we want to go on. Let’s clean up our country and STOP THIS CRIME NOW!

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The Corridor of Crime – Passyunk Avenue

It has been 5 months since I was finally smart enough to get away from the pornography business. I worked in an adult bookstore that also had peepshows for 10 years. Just in case you are wondering no matter how bad things are do not ever work in one of these places.
In the months since I have left many people have contacted me and asked what they should do because they were solicited to for sex when they went to a peep show. I let them know the best thing they can do and the only way we will get this stopped is by them calling 911 and submit a report and let the police know what happened to them and where.
If you just turning 18 and are now old enough to legally go to these stores or if you are older and have never gone and for some reason you now think you want to try one of these stores out. DON’T!!! As soon as you enter the parking lot you are at risk. People have been jumped coming and going into the stores. Once in the stores that have movie theaters and peep shows guys expose themselves and solicit for sex. They look for the newcomers or the ones a little tipsy from a night out with friends who stop on their way home. I remember a guy who used to come in he was 20 years old he would sell himself to the guys for $100.00 when I figured out what he was doing I asked him to leave. Guys like this would complain to the owner or his son and say I mistreated them or singled them out. I would get in trouble and the owner would let them back in, anything for the owner to make a few bucks.
The man who owned the store I worked at also owns one on route 413 in Bristol Pa. This store does not even have doors on the booths you walk in and guys are there in various states of undressed pleasuring themselves and having sex in front of others in the public. I called the Bristol police and they said that the patrons are over 18 there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. He also owns another store in Delaware County PA. This store has a residential house and kids playing out front that are in very early grade school. Their yard is no more than 5 ft away. I really am not sure how people that own these stores sleep at night knowing that these kinds of illegal acts go on in their stores. People are dying from deceases that they have contracted in these stores. People from all walks of life married, single, fathers, brothers, ministers, people who live what most would think is a straight lifestyle and others who are openly gay. The thing is all of these men come there for the same thing to have sex with other men. They enjoy having anonymous sex with strangers in the public. When did this become ok to do? When did store owners start getting business licenses to let illegal sex in the public happen? When did our law officials decide it was ok to let this go on? Why do we let these stores continue to make money off of this? Remember next time you pay your taxes how your hard earned money is at work for you.

We need to fight to stop this now! Or soon these stores will be in every neighborhood and there will be no turning back.

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Businesses That Sell Sex To The Public

Businesses That Sell Sex To The Public
Adult Theaters – Adult Bookstores – Video Booths and Peep Shows

As I continue to share my experiences of working in the adult pornography industry for ten years with you, I have come to realize that for these ten years I saw things that most would not want to see or would not believe really goes on even though it is their family members that are the ones that go to these stores. From husbands to sons, grandfathers to boyfriends’, teachers to law enforcement even the clergy and they are not there to see the girls that are pictured on the signs they are there to have sexual relations with other men.

In a previous column I wrote about glory holes and how they make money. Now let’s look at the regular video booths. These booths are small – think smaller then a public rest room stall. The stores can have many of these lined up side by side in rows and smaller stores may just have a few. Each of these will have a seat, monitor / screen for watching a video and a bill acceptor. Men go into these stalls and start pumping money into the machines and watching xxx rated video clips of all sorts’; men and women, women on women, men with men, groups, you name it. They continue to put money in and start to pleasure themselves. In these stores there are normally customers that are regulars looking for the new piece of meat to come in. The regulars will find all sorts of reasons and ways to hang around spending the least amount of money possible but even they have to put some cash in. They will wait for a guy to either leave his door open or some are known to push the doors open and even break the locks (if the store owners are not too cheap to put them on the doors) in hopes of getting a guy that is so worked up they will let anybody help them get to a happy ending. The whole time needing to keep the money flowing to keep the videos playing and the owners rich.

These stores make money off of sex in the public. I have spoke to other larger news agencies and asked them why they have never reported about these stores making money off of illegal sex acts in the public. Many of them have told me that no one would want to hear about this, it is not news worthy. Not news worthy??? Then why is it when a congressman sent a picture by cell phone did every news portal talk about it 24 hours a day for weeks. A few years ago another member of congress tapped his foot in an airport men’s room stall and was arrested for lewd conduct and later gave a guilty plea so that he could get a lesser charge. An American actor, writer, film producer and comedian who had a run of very successful comedy shows including a Saturday morning kids show and major movies was arrested for indecent exposure in a adult theater. A President of the USA although it was not reported that he went to adult bookstores or theaters, he did have a sexual affairs while married and in the White House. All of these stayed in the headlines and for weeks, months and some much longer. So if these stores allow the same activity why wouldn’t we want to hear about it in the news so we can have them closed down or at least be able to know what is going on and bring this to a vote and let the people decide.

Many of these stores are in lower income neighborhoods where the people have grown up with them there all of their lives. They may not realize what goes on in them or how illegal and damaging it is to their communities. Although many of these stores may be in lower income areas that does not mean that people from the richest neighborhoods and lifestyles do not frequent these stores. The wealthier people are the ones that can afford to pump the money into the machines.

Next time you have the opportunity to ask someone running for any public office questions find out what they think about these stores and let them know we need these stores closed. Ask them if they frequent the stores as we know many of the people who have been made a spectacle of some sort of sexual / lewd offense are people we voted in without knowing what their thoughts are about these types of stores.

Stores like these promote sex with partners you do not know…Is that safe sex? What do you think the chances are of passing STD’s no matter if they are the curable ones or the more deadly ones? These stores make money off of illegal acts and our Tax Dollar paid law enforcement do not stop it. Who really gets paid to let these stores continue?

Contact your local, state and country law officials today make them do their jobs. More information can be found on my website http://www.dirtandmoredirt.com look at the front page, links and stories from people who are joining the cause for War Against Pornography.

As ALWAYS – It is all About the Money

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