The End Of An Era?

Is it Too Late? How Many Deaths Were Caused By These Places? Philadelphia
By: John S. De Santo I
The Forum Theater in Philadelphia is closed. The XXX-rated films may be gone and the customers that were left may be upset but is it way too late to clean up the tragedy that these types of stores created? First came the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and then Philadelphia and many other cities took it to a level that never should have existed. The cities were making lots of money and so were the business and real estate owners of these stores. Philadelphia in 1975 opened the Forum Theater a 250 seat theater dedicated to screening XXX-rated videos. Located on Market St. in the heart of the “City of Brotherly Love” let me tell you there was some love going on. Was it the love of sex in the public? Or love of making money from sex in a building open to the public? When it first opened they played 35mm videos and before it closed it played DVD’s. People would go there and watch these movies and eat from the vending machines. Some would spend hours in this dark theater and help each other with whatever popped up. This continued through the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and only now in December of 2012 has this store finally closed down. The owner of the property who owns multiple properties in the Philadelphia area and also owns other properties in Times Square NY is commonly referred to as the King of Times Square Porn. Now at the age of 87 he has stated that he never liked the smut business. The owner of the business, The Forum Theater was convicted in 1975 on federal charges for transporting women across state lines for prostitution and is known as a Porn Kingpin. Let us stop and think for just a moment about something that has effected everyone in the world in one way or another during the period that this establishment was open. Many cases of STD’s and HIV /AIDS, I am not here to list them all please ask your physician or the CDC if you need more information. If these stores had never existed would the spread of STD’s and HIV /AID’s been as bad, as quick, as out of control? Why was this establishment along with others like it allowed to exist? How much money was made and by who to keep these stores operating? Don’t tell me law officials and other people who held positions that could have stopped these stores did not know about what went and currently goes on in these stores. There are still more of these stores and similar ones in the City of Philadelphia and suburbs. They also exist in almost every other state in some fashion. These stores have helped to ruin our countries values and morals to a level that we may never recover. These stores I am sure have been key in spreading of STD’s and HIV / AID’s. You can currently go to stores on Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia where this sort of thing still goes on and one of them even has an adult theater much like what the Forum had and there is a lot of sex going on in these stores open to the public. Passyunk Ave has been referred to as “The Corridor of Crime” because of stores like this and adult bookstores that have peepshows. Let’s take this opportunity while we have this topic in the news to get all of these stores closed down. When was it made legal to make $1,000.00’s of dollars a day on sex in the public. Stop these stores now while we are still able to save our children. It will take years to wipe these stores from our memories and to help stop the spreading of deadly diseases but our children are counting on us to make wise decisions for their futures.
The people that allow these stores to continue are killing us, it is like they are firing a gun at us but the ammunition that is killing us slowly are diseases and values that are raping our community of morals.

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The Killing Machine Money Porn & Sex


by: John S De Santo I

The Killing Machine? What does that mean? How can Money Porn & Sex add up to a Killing Machine? In the world there are many reasons people die, some from normal things that people have died from since humanity began others are manmade. If you or someone you know is dying or is already dead from a manmade reason then you have been affected by the killing machine. Although many manmade deaths can be stopped we do nothing to stop them and when people try they often do not get the backing of those that can help and have the power to stop these machines even if only one gear at a time.
Recently in the news we have heard much about equal rights for marriage. People of the GLBT community looking for the right to marry like any other human couple can. Although there are many ways to look at this I am not sure if this is the right time for this to happen or has part of the Killing Machine made it so this is not the right time? Although sex in the public is illegal we have adult book stores, theaters and peepshows that seem to never get closed. Why do these stores really exist? Is it so men have a place where they can have sex anonymous with each other? From my experience and research that is what goes on in these stores while the owners make lots of money. When people complain to authorities they either push the envelope saying it is not their department or say it is legal to have sex in these stores. Does the world really need stores for people to have sex of all sorts and varieties with people they do not know and will most likely never see again? Are stores like this going to save society during these times of financial problems? Maybe they will with all of the money that is spent at them the owners raking in thousands of dollars a day to let people have sex in their buildings and spreading diseases. Is this money that is being spent in these stores and possibly killing people really going to correct the financial world or would it be better to close these stores and save lives of many people?
Oh that is right diseases are spread in these stores sometimes knowingly and on purpose other times people do not know they have the diseases that they have and are spreading to others in the stores or to their unsuspecting family, friends and love ones. Another big story in the news is about a bacterial meningitis case in West Hollywood CA. This rare strain quickly took the life of a gay man and brought out facts in the news where they are trying to confirm if the strain is linked to one that has killed lives of gay men in New York since about 2010. It also brought out the fact that others have been dying in the gay community from this disease but for some reason it was not in the news. Did it not make the news because officials were purposely hiding it not to scare people or because by it not making top headlines the medical industry can make lots of money off of the disease similar to how they did when HIV first started to spread? If you keep it quiet there is much money spent for medical treatment and research but also it could wipe out a large portion of a community that is currently causing a commotion looking for equal marriage rights.
With all of this going on, now in Philadelphia we have a bathhouse that is reopening after a fire. It is also under new ownership and had a write up in a local paper about the grand opening where they included pictures of glory holes. Why would we allow places like this to re-open and show pictures of where men will have sex after paying to get in? What better way for the authorities that could help and stop these illegal activities to allow the killing machine to continue and make it look like they are doing the right thing. Allowing an adult sex palace to reopen and kill off more of a community.
Why are there so many people in the GLBT community that only identify with the way they prefer to have sex instead of being the person of humanity that they are and the way that they interact with others to take humanity forward. Not saying that they should not be able to live a full life like anybody else that they share the human race with but are we not more than the sexuality that we like and identify with?
Whether you are straight or part of the GLBT community let us get together as part of a greater team and community the human race and stop the illegal acts that are killing our race. Lets’ stop the people from making illegal money from helping to kill off our families and loved ones. Perhaps if we can work together to stop these senseless acts and stop the Killing Machine more people will agree that all people should have the right to live happily ever after.
Wait does happily ever after really exist? That is a topic for a column for another time. In the mean time contact your law officials from the President down to you local police, your Churches and your schools. Alert your friends and lets’ get these stores closed that make money from sex and help to spread deceases.
The people that allow these stores to continue are killing us, it is like they are firing a gun at us but the ammunition that is killing us slowly are diseases and values that are raping our community of morals.
File complaints and report illegal acts to law officials. Let others know what has happened and where after reporting it. They can’t hide it if we all know it is going on. To help others understand that we need to stop this now, make sure to add to your favorite links and check back often. Share the link with friends and let them know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these issues addressed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States.

Remember we need to Save Our Children!!!

“Stand for what is right even if it means standing alone” – unknown

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The Sexual Predators Office

By: John S. De Santo I



Public Restrooms, most of us use them every day, you go in and do what we need to do, hopefully when done you wash your hands and you leave. I cannot say I have ever been in one that I would want to stay in for long. Some are nicer than others and kept clean while others you hardly want to walk across the floor they are so dirty. But there are many people who like to spend a lot of time in these rooms, so much time it might as well be their office.

So much goes on in these rooms that perhaps there should be a law that all of them have to have law officials as security at each and everyone. Oh wait that won’t work for someone to take that position as a job they are probably a guilty one too.


These rooms are very popular, people use them to do and sell drugs. They use them to steal items from the store or building that they are located in. Evidently there is even a toe-tapping code that a former American Senator learned for picking up other guys in the bathroom. Most of us most likely had never heard of such a code until that hit the news. A musician made a video after being caught exposing himself in a suggestive manner in a men’s room, and in the video the urinals turn and the men’s room turns into a disco scene. I don’t know where they learned to  do these things but maybe they were featured in a adult pornography movie? It sounds like something they would do.


Let’s take a deeper look at these rooms. How many people will let their children go into the bathroom at a store or restaurant? Many do let this happen. So you think they will be ok but did you stop to think about this? When many men’s rooms are designed they have stalls and urinals. Many of the urinals do not have any dividers so you stand there with yourself exposed shoulder to shoulder with other guys. As we know there are people who will take advantage of this situation. They may get off at just looking at the genitals of the other men and little boys or will start masturbating to see if they can get a reaction. As a older person and if you have respect for yourself you would leave who needs to pick up a man in the bathroom. But for the younger people who are more naive this could make a changing / forming impression for them. It may be that they run out screaming so that others know what is going on or they could be lured in by these predators and be touched or touch the predator. I know of a guy who was out to dinner went into the men’s room and had a young boy 8 or 10 years of age ask if he would be his friend. The adult man ran out horrified that this child would be in the bathroom and ask a total stranger this. Was the child too young to be in the bathroom by himself? Or had a previous visit to a bathroom maybe started this perhaps he was seduced by someone before who said that this is what friends do for each other. If the guy who I know had stayed around would the child have told his parents that he had done something even if they didn’t and he could now be in jail or on the Megan’s law list and unable to find a job?


Let us look at this a little different. You are in a nightclub and you have had a few drinks. You are intoxicated as that is what many do when they go to a nightclub. You go into the bathroom and there is another man in there watching all of the guys along the urinals. He has himself out and is masturbating he reaches over and starts to masturbate one or more of the other guys. Perhaps they are drunk it feels good they let him finish. Others are now standing around watching or leaving the room quickly in horror.


You go back to this nightclub because it is the one that everyone goes to but you notice that the sexual predator does this all of the time. He is running in and out of the bathroom following many guys in hoping to get a look or more.   You complain to the staff who do nothing about it. The one staff member says that it goes on everywhere you can’t stop it. It is a private club cops cannot do anything about it. Him…he has money.  You even tell the city cop who is parked out front and nothing is done. Just because this guy has money he should e able to get away with this?

How many people are taken advantage of in this way just because they go out to a nightclub and get a little more lit than they should. Perhaps when they realize what happened this is why we have murders outside of the nightclubs and other places.

Shouldn’t these acts be stopped?


By the way the staff member that says it goes on and it can’t be stopped is the same person that the little boy wanted to be friends with. Yes I know that there is a difference in age of the parties involved but does that make it ok in a public place?


We need our law officials to stop this corruption. If they are not going to do their jobs and enforce the laws than get rid of all laws. Let the people do whatever they want to whoever or whatever they want.  What, we only punish the ones that are in the public eye so that we have a news story and we let the others get away with this?


I am not a religious person and I think that adults should have sex with other willing adults, but what has happened to our morals? When a night out is a night to take advantage of others in a men’s room. One thing we may want to do is make a law that bathrooms need to have dividers between urinals it might cut down on the issue if it is not so easy to watch. It is like we are inviting this kind of behavior and saying it is ok.


What do you think about this article? Write to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and let me know.


Perhaps you have an article you would like to submit for us to feature on our site. Please submit it with contact information and we will review it and contact you. We will keep your identity anonymous if you tell us to.


File complaints and report illegal acts to law officials. Let others know what has happened and where after reporting it. They can’t hide it if we all know it is going on.  To help others understand that we need to stop this now, make sure to add to your favorite links and check back often. Share the link with friends and let your friends know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these issues addressed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States. 


Remember we need to save our children!!!


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

  Save our Childrens

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Our Childrens’ Furture is in Our Hands Today



By: John S. De Santo I

  Visual and audio depicting some of the ways we need to save our Children’s future. Currently we are destroying our morals and we will not have a future civilization if we continue on this path. Visuals set to a backdrop of the song “Bless the Beasts and the Children” by The Carpenters. People are doing and allowing things that are killing themselves and others just so they can make money. For many of us today Fairytales do not exist since we never get to know what happily ever after means or even what living a normal happy life feels like.

 Please click the video link below


 To Enforce Or Not To Enforce Laws

Illegal Acts Should We All Be Treated Equally


By: John S. De Santo I


Every day in the news you can find reports of shootings and muggings outside of nightclubs and adult bookstores and strip joints. Some of these stores have been commonly referred to as Gentleman’s Clubs. But why would we call these stores that are demoralizing our society Gentlemen Clubs?


Let’s look at some definitions from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Definition of GENTLEMAN

1)      a: a man of noble or gentle birth b: a man belonging to the landed gentry c (1): a man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities

2)     a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior


First Known Use: 12th century

Definition of GENTLEMAN’S Club

 a nightclub for men that features scantily clad women dancers or stripteasers

First Known Use: 1990

Today’s morals have dropped so low that we have taken a word that was used for centuries as a compliment and turned it into what many would now consider a insult if they think about it. Most people I have spoken to while researching for my column don’t want to even be in the same category as the trash that would frequent these stores.


The definition for Gentleman’s Club seems to be misleading as well, but this I believe is because currently society does not want to admit to what really goes on in these stores. They may have girls in some stores and only in some parts of the store that you can pay to have sex with but many of the guys go to have sex with other guys. The owners of the stores know and allow this to go on since they make thousands of dollars a week off of these acts. The owners even encourage this by lighting the rooms dimly and putting small holes for guys’ to peek at other guys and large holes that are called Glory Holes. These large holes allow for anonymous sex to go on freely both oral and anal. 


Recently the executive director of Morality In Media Dawn Hawkins took an airplane to get to a conference, while on the flight there was a man viewing pornography on his iPad – he was not hiding it at all, Ms Hawkins could plainly see that it was of young girls and if so it may have been child porn. When she brought this to the attention of the flight attendant they refused to ask the man to stop watching this. Ms Hawkins brought this to the attention of the airline and airport police, if this was child porn it is a violation of federal law. Ms Hawkins also made a You Tube video about the issue. Shortly after posting the You Tube video pornography supporters posted a rebuttal video and many porn supporters made comments threatening Ms Hawkins. People have also broken the laws and hacked into Morality In Media – Porn Harms website.


It does not matter who you are or what website you are hacking it is illegal. The fact that the people who hacked into the site and put links to pornography in the site proves that the Pornography business is corrupting people to do all sorts of illegal acts from paying for sex, to having sex in the public, promoting child pornography now they will even hack websites.


When will Americans be given the right to vote and have these stores and business abolished in the USA? All we want is for the current laws to be followed, we are not asking for new laws to be written. Government, Law Officials and society has become so corrupt we don’t even know what is right or wrong. Law Officials will bust some but let others get away with illegal acts. If we are going to let some get away with illegal acts, than they should not enforce any of our laws. Can you imagine a society with no laws? By not enforcing laws that are already in the books or by letting some get away with illegal acts and arresting others for the same illegal acts we are not far off.


If you care about our world and humanity, and want a world where our children can carry on the human race and live a fulfilling life then now is the time to stop letting corrupt politicians, law enforcement, and the people who like living and doing illegal acts run the world. Start fighting for your rights, get people in your community to challenge the towns, counties and states so that we can close these stores down. This should be an easy issue to fix, we just need to have people enforce the laws for everyone the same way. If they will not enforce the laws there are plenty of others that can and will do the job correctly.



File complaints and report illegal acts to law officials. Let others know what has happened and where after reporting it. They can’t hide it if we all know it is going on.  To help others understand that we need to stop this now, make sure to add to your favorite links and check back often. Share the link with friends and let your friends know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these stores and pornography business closed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States. 


Remember we need to save our children!!!


I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!




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The Future Won’t Happen


By: John S. De Santo I

Wow! Prostitution, Pimping, Adultery, Sex in the Public even Charging Money for Sex must be legal at least in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. It has been about a year since I left the last job I will ever have in the porn industry. I worked in an Adult themed bookstore located on the “Corridor of Crime” Passyunk Ave in southwest Philadelphia. This store caters to men having anonymous sex with other men, many times in plain view of the other customers. They try to disguise this store by selling adult movies, magazines and toys as well as having girls in the one room that will dance for guys for a fee. But when the funds run low and the guys really want to get off they go into the peepshow area and pump the bucks into the money slots and have sex with each other. Some do it in the rooms; others enjoy the 3 glory holes while others do it right in the hall. Most of these men do not know each other they are just looking to get off. Many of them are married and looking for something different and here they can do it behind their wives and girlfriends backs. The owners make BIG BUCKS off of this to support their families. Many of the guys have STD’s and pass them on to the others that come in. We all know that many STD’s today can be deadly. I was always getting the owner mad at me when I worked there because I would not let any of this go on, he always told me as long as they are spending money stay out of the peep show room and let them do what they want to. We had all kinds come in from the normal suburban family man to the street drug guy, from law officials to men of the church, even attorneys that dress in drag come in to have sex. They all came here for the same thing to have sex with each other some of them would stay and have sex with many men they wouldn’t leave for more than 24 hours. Even when you complain to the cops both local and state, report it to the feds or complain to L&I they all say that there is nothing wrong with it. OK so if there is nothing wrong with it why do we see many people in the news getting in trouble for sexual acts? Why do prostitutes get stopped on the street? If all they need to do is get a store like this and have sex with everyone and anyone they want and never get in trouble for it, charge for sex with a license. At least in many places where brothels and prostitution is legal they also have laws that govern the jobs including testing for decease.

Do these stores get away with it because they pay taxes to the city and state? Perhaps the departments that give them a license to run the stores get paid off.

If we are going to allow these stores to remain open and do nothing about these illegal acts than no one should be prosecuted for sexual offences. Law officials allow it to go on here in these stores then we should not prosecute teachers / coaches, internet sex crimes, street-walkers, or law officials. Think of the money we could have saved and how much better off our country may be if we hadn’t of wasted the funds and time of former President Clinton.

If we are not going to stop it here then why stop it there?

Am I really saying I want these stores to be legal? NO. But we need consistency. Our younger generations will never know what a real family is…So many of their parents having sex with whom they want and then either taking decease and death back to their families and or getting divorced. We learn from our parents and elders. If we do learn from our parents and elders our future generations have no future at all. What do we want for our children and our children’s children? Stop and think before you answer that. Do we really want to wipe out our family life as we know it? Has humanity evolved so far that we are now having sex with anything and anyone and destroying what many thought made us different than the rest of animals in the world? Has money destroyed what is the right thing to do? Make your law officials know how you feel ask these questions when you have a chance while they are campaigning for our next election. Ask your co-workers what they think. You think it won’t affect you until it is too late. The future is in your hands or there may not be a future at all.

Make sure go online and add to your favorite links and check back often. Let your friends know what you have read or learned and most importantly let your government officials know we need these stores closed not only here in Philadelphia but across all of the United States.

Remember we need to save our children!!!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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Pensylvania and Sexual Corruption

Pensylvania and Sexual Corruption
Is Your Child Next To Be Assaulted?
Story by: John S. De Santo I
Pennsylvania sure is busy with sex crimes in the news lately. Where should we start? Let’s look at the Mummers clubhouse running sex parties and serving and charging for liquor illegally. The police go undercover and get invited to a sex party run in all places a mummers club house in South Philly. Men and women at a private party drinking and carrying on, women walking around at the party in various fashion of undress, some completely naked. The women soliciting to any of the guys that are there to perform sexual acts for them including the undercover police. 10 female suspects and 3 men arrested and were charged with various violations from violation of liquor laws, Criminal Conspiracy, Promoting and actions of Prostitution, Possession of Narcotics.

In Northeast Philadelphia a strip club was the target of a law enforcement raid. The results of this raid, seven women and one man were arrested on prostitution related charges. State police conducted the raid after an undercover investigation. Police state they had received complaints of illegal activity in the club. Evidently dancers at the club would charge for various forms of sex and would conduct the sex acts in secluded parts of the store. The store owners and management would take their cut of the cash the dancers made off of these illegal sex acts. State Police Sgt. William LaTorre said the alleged prostitution that had been taking place in the club can cause both an emotional and financial drain on families. Police sources also stated other clubs in the city are suspected of prostitution activity and this is only the beginning of a crackdown.

Let’s not forget about what has been going on at Penn State. Where it is alleged that children as young as 10 years old were being repeatedly sexually abused and some for years by a sports figure head that is not only looked up to by the school’s alumni but also by people of local communities and across the country. People stated that they saw incidents of him abusing these kids some did nothing about what they saw while others had made complaints but nothing was ever done until now. This story has new information coming out almost hourly still it seems. It created riot like uproar by the current students where they even turned over a vehicle that was owned by a local news station that was covering the story.

What is wrong with all of the above situations besides the obvious illegal sex acts? The fact that the same illegal acts are going on everyday all over the country and perhaps around the world is a good start. I know that complaints have been made to police about illegal activities in other adult stores around the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities. No matter who you make your complaint to they will either tell you that it is not their jurisdiction and forward you to someone else if you are lucky or some will actually say that it is legal while others try to compare sex stores to hotels and motels. Recently I had a chance to speak with 2 people running for political offices in Philadelphia, one told me he finds nothing wrong with people going to adult bookstores and having sex in peep show booths – it’s legal. The other stated there are prostitutes on the corners what is the difference.

Our citizens have complained for years about adult stores in our area that allow illegal activities. From dancing girls performing various illegal sexual acts to men in peep shows committing the same sexual acts in the stores These acts all going on and the owners of the stores knowingly allow and even promote these acts. It is what makes money for their stores to operate and pay salaries. Instead of just picking a few stores and clubhouses to pick on, let’s take away all of the licenses and not allow these stores, doesn’t matter if they are in Montgomery county, Bristol, Philadelphia along Passyunk ave or in Delaware county on 291. Revoke the license and close the stores. As for what happened at Penn State perhaps he learned that he liked young boys for sexual acts after seeing it in pornography or maybe that’s why he got into sports to begin with, watching the guys shower after gym class or a game. He had his dream job, getting paid for satisfying his sexual desire and his authorities allowing it to go on. If he was not as well known and in the public eye would it have even made the local news? But because of his public status it has made national news as well as international.
We need to show are younger members of society it is not all right to do these illegal activities. We can start with the easy ones first close down the illegal stores not one at a time but just close them all and revoke their licenses. Do we need stores that allow this? Are we not asking for illegal acts to happen? Once we clean up the easy ones the others will stick out even more and will be easier to stop.
But then again if we do that the people that make residual money from these illegal acts will also be found out so they will continue to cover it up.
If you care about all of our children’s future, now is the time to contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals and let them know how you feel and that we need this stopped even if that means putting it on the ballot so that we can vote on how our country wants others to view our morals or currently lack of morals. Remember we are all at risk.
It really is …All about the money – not about the well being of our children, families and nation.

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

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“Has corporate greed and political Corruption

“Has corporate greed and political Corruption

Destroyed our morals and values”


Story by: John S De Santo

The USA once a place where many people from around the world dreamt to move to so that they could start a new life with freedom and rights and the thought of living the American Dream, not only for themselves but for the generations after them. For years now the American Dream has been slowly but surely harder to live if it even really exists at this point. The greed and corruption that our politicians and corporate America has pushed on us makes it even unclear what the Real American Dream is. Our values and morals pushed so low that many do not know wrong from right or legal from illegal. When we work for companies that are doing wrong every day and as an employee you are told it is the correct way or else you could lose your job. Eventually you begin to believe this. You bring your children up believing that these lowered values and morals are the highest standard you can achieve and that it is the right thing to do. Your children then do the same with their families whether they realize it or not and our morals and values become even lower. This is a trend to destruction of our way of life. The USA once considered being a first class nation many would not agree with that at this point.

Let’s look at an example. There was a time where two people would meet and marry and start a family of their own. They would stay married for the rest of their lives. They fell in love with each other and their love would get stronger with the good and the bad. Was everything perfect? No. The world was a much smaller place the people of their towns all knew each other, less things were done behind each other’s backs; people were honest with each other. Today our worlds our huge with the internet it is almost like our home towns encompasses the world.

Corporate America and our politicians have taught us it is ok to lie and cheat. One of the biggest industries that have taught us this is one many may not consider as part of corporate America, The Pornography Industry. But it is definitely there at the highest levels this industry has wormed its way into almost every household whether you realize it or not. What was once looked at as something you did behind closed doors is now done in public places. From printed material to internet content to television and video, music and adult bookstores, theaters and peepshows; The people who run these are there to get every last penny then can from you and will find ways to intrigue you to do so especially when your guard is down and you are looking for something that you can do that you think you control. The owners of adult peepshows may be the lowest form of business there is and the morals they have could make you believe that they are lower than pond scum. They are there to make thousands of dollars a week off of sexual acts that are illegal to do in public places. Their stores are open to the public so that is a public place. The fact that they have found ways to entice men to pump money into machines so that they can have antonyms sex with other men is illegal. But not only is it illegal the owners are preying on people whose morals and values have been diminished so much that they will do anything to feel that they are in control. The sexual act is known to be a stress reliever but it also gives some people a sense of empowerment and higher self-esteem. Unfortunately higher self-esteem for those men that resort to peepshows really is not a higher self-esteem, our morals and values have been pushed so low that it may be impossible for many to have the morals and values that were common not that long ago.

We need to start somewhere to get our county back to being a first class nation with people who have high values, morals and a want to live in a high class society. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stop illegal activities. Please contact your Senators, Congressmen and Attorney Generals let them know to stop this corruption and close these stores now!

I guess it really is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

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